Tyre Info

Let’s face it. Tyres are dull, and no one finds them interesting (apart from us!). However, you need to be able to read the sidewall of your tyres when it comes time to replace them.

If you don’t know how to find your tyre size, or how to determine when your tyres were made, then read on. We’ve created this page solely to help you understand more about your tyres and what you need to look for when you’re buying new tyres for your car.

Find Your Tyre Size

If you need a price for new tyres, then you’ll need to know your tyre size in advance. Trying to get an exact quote for a tyre without knowing your tyre size is impossible. There are tools online that will guess your tyre size from your registration, but at the end of the day, it’s just a guess. You will need to read it off the tyre to be 100% sure you’ve got the correct size. We’re going to use this image as our example, here the tyre size is: 235/40R18 95W

  • The section width is the green value (235 in this case)
  • The profile is the yellow value (40)
  • The wheel diameter is the purple value (18)
  • The load rating is the blue value (95)
  • And the speed rating is the red value (W)
Tyre Size Help

Find Your Tyre Age

Being able to find the age of your tyre is crucial with regards to caravan tyres, motorhome tyres, and trailer tyres. If your tyres are over six years old, then your insurance may become void as a result.

Your tyre age is written in small writing on the side of your tyre, but it’s only printed on one side. You’re specifically looking for four numbers, in this case: 1216

The ’12’ stands for the week of manufacturing, so the twelfth week of the year.

The ’16’ stands for the year the tyre was made, so 2016 in this example.